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Saturday Anger Management Classes In Atlanta

Next “Second Saturday” Atlanta Group Anger Management Class is to be Held on April 11th for only $150 !!!


Anger Management Classes in Atlanta

Anger Solutions Atlanta is proud to have been chosen as a ‘Spotlight Provider’ by George Anderson of Anderson & Anderson!—

Covers all eight hours of Anger Management Course Study in one day!  Conveniently complete your eight hour mandate at one time.

Anger Solutions Atlanta offers an eight-hour Saturday Atlanta Anger Management Class for individuals that have been mandated by a local, county, or state court system; a probation services department; by the Solicitor Generals office; or a systems evaluator. This class is designed for those that are required to attend ‘hourly’ sessions as opposed to ‘weekly’ sessions. Please be sure to verify with your appointing party as to which category you fall under, as ‘weekly’ mandated individuals may only attend our Wednesday classes or individual, one-on-one sessions.

Other individuals that are pre-trial or volunteer may also attend the Saturday class to fulfill their ‘Anger Management Class’ requirement.

For those…

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